OKRUG GORNJI - The best known and most popular beach in Trogir Riviera is certainly the beach in Okrug Gornji. Only 3 km from the historic town of Trogir on the south side of Ciovo Island stretches over 2 km long beautiful pebble beach known as "Okrug Copacabana. " A large selection of pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and bars with different rhythms of the music captures the true experience of Brazil. During the day you can enjoy the crazy ride Jet sky, Parasiling, windsurfing or hire waterbike, and nights are full of fun and dance to different rhythms for all generations. The beach is suitable both for families with small children and young looking for fun and for those who feel that way. There are regular bus lines Trogir-Okrug Gornji, and during the season goes a regular shipping line, which makes the beach even more accessible.

KAVA - SLATINE At the eastern corner of the island Ciovo, slightly ahead of the old fishing village Slatine (4 km) and very close to Split Marjan hill, across the sea, there is a beach called Kava. The largest beach is among the many small beaches of the Slatine bay, which delight the unspoiled nature of pine forests and crystal sea. The beautiful sandy beach is recommended for all who wish to relax in the shade of pine trees and enjoy the silence that disturbs only the murmur of the sea, away from noise. On the beach there is only one café with a selection of drinks and fast food. The beach is located 12 km from Trogir and very easily accessible by car, scooter or bike.

KRKNJAŠI One of the unspoiled natural beauty of our area is Krknjasi lagoon on the east coast of the island Drvenik. On the outside, the bay is protected with islands, large and small Krknjaši. A beautiful pebble beaches and shallow sandy seabed is a true tropical paradise of our sea. Along the coast are small coves with sandy shoals that provide intimacy and are suitable for families with small children. On Krknjaši is a cult Dalmatian tavern, "The Communists" with an excellent selection of fresh seafood and authentic Dalmatian dishes. The coast is easily accessible by boat, you can rent in Trogir.

MEDENA SEGET Beach Medena is a beautiful pebble beach, which extends 3 km along the coast from the village of Seget Donji to the Hotel Medena. Provides visitors to relax in peace and quiet of the pine forests and endless possibilities for active holidays. From tennis courts, mini golf, jogging track through pine woods, fields for soccer, volleyball and basketball to various water sports like jet sky, parachute, tubes, banana, water skiing, wind surfing and sailing. Children can be entertained by a variety of children's animation and variety of content on the playgrounds. In the evening you can enjoy a stroll around the beautifully decorated promenade along the beach or dance in some of the many bars and restaurants on the beach.The beach is accessible by car as a bicycle or scooter, and it is connected by ferry to Trogir.

UVALA DUGA OKRUG GORNJI On the eastern side of the island Ciovo between Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji, overlooking the island Fumija stands famous beach Duga. Popular is because of the excellent gastronomy taverns Django and because the crystal sea.Enjoyment offers complete peace and quiet, and pleasant shade of green olives. The beach is accessible by car, scooter or bike.

KAVA OKRUG DONJI At the cape of the Okrug Donji is a beautiful pebble beach called Kava.Because of the calm sea and pine forest that provides a natural shade, the beach is suitable for families with small children. In the environment among the cracks are numerous small sandy beaches that offers the atmosphere of peace and privacy.The beach is accessible by car, scooter or bike. At the entrance to the beach there is a nice free parking.

MARINOVA DRAGA SALDUN Between Trogir and Okrug Gornji is a small pebble beach called Marinova Draga. Because of the shadows and shallow sea beach is suitable for families with small children. On the beach there is a restaurant and the Mediterano. The beach can be reached from Trogir by walking through the shortcut on the island of Ciovo.

SVETI KRIŽ ARBANIJA Beach St.Cross is located on the north side of the island Ciovo near the Monastery of St.Cross in the village Arbanija. Beautifully decorated pebble beach offers a variety of topics from water sports to beach volleyball. On the beach there is a restaurant where you can dine during the day, and have fun with good music in the evening. Due to the fine sand and shallow sea beach is suitable for families with children. The beach can be reached by bus, car, scooter or bike.

BIJELA PLAŽA MAVARŠTICA On the south side of the island Ciovo, in bay Mavarštica is a long pebble beach, called White Beach.The bay is characterized by crystal-clear sea and the beautiful beaches to visit. From the bay extends a beautiful view of the many Dalmatian islands and islets. Surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear sea, strewn with white boulders enticing swimmers who want to relax in peace and quiet. On the beach there is no facilities, and it  can be reached only on foot. Not far from the White Beach (1 km) there is a beach reserved for naturists.

PANTAN Pantan Beach is located 2 km east of Trogir in the direction of Split, at the mouth of the river Pantan. Because of the vicinity to wetlands, beaches are filled with fine sand and shallow bays. Pine forests on the east side makes a pleasant shade. From the beach Pantan can be organized kayak-tour for exploring the Trogir Riviera.On the beach there is a Beach Bar "Mosquito"placed directly on the seashore with cold drinks, ice cream and light food. The whole area is a protected ornithological habitat with beautiful Pantan mill and restaurant on the north side of the beach. From Trogir is half of way arranged promenade and the beach is accessible by car, scooter or bike.